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IT - Exodus Earth

The ascension of mankind has led to the extinction of many species. Rare metals have been stripped from the planet, laying bare essential minerals and the foliage on which this species relies. Man has reached the 11th hour of its very existence and now it must face the consequences of its actions. 

Several years ago NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administrationsent a probe into space to capture dust particles from a distant nebula. The capture was successful and now the probe is due to splash down in the Pacific Ocean. The aircraft carrier USS Dixy Lee Rae is on station to carry out the recovery. However, those who come in to contact with the probe will undergo life-changing events that those affected will keep to themselves so that they can control what is about to unfold.

A mass solar ejection has since been forecast to hit the Earth. It is one that will send the planet back into the dark ages. There will be no power, no fuel, no food, just a basic fight for survival. You were warned and now the future is about to be revealed.

Poems, Prayers, and Promises

Cancer. It's a word that millions dread hearing especially when it comes from the lips of a doctor, or in my case, the surgeon. I could see his lips moving, blah de blah. The sound of his voice had forund deaf ears - mine. I was trying to concentrate and make sense of his words. It was much akin to having two snarling Rottweilers tearing at the leash ready to rip my day to shreds, while my head began the countdown to an explosive apocolypse. It made no sense. Chemotherapy? Obviously, the surgeon had picked up the wrong file. I was here to have my right kidney checked out to see if it was working, and now this? I didn't just have a problem, I had a major [expletive] problem and now he wants to see me next week to begin the process? I would need to rely upon all my experiences as a soldier in order to root out this large black, hairy spider that had scuttled under my bed. It's fangs loaded with venom, glistening in the light of the torch as I searched in vain. The problem was that wherever I went, it came too. I am now classed as being "cancer free." The journey was a long, exhausting, one, but one that I won. It's a story, an achievement already read by over 3-million people. Now it's your turn and I will help you get there. Are you up for the challenge? Grab your bags!