About the Author


It is hard to put an actual date to when I first started writing but it was a long time ago. I have since traveled to North America and in particular to Chicago, Missouri, Texas and Ohio. They do say that travel broadens the mind. All it did for me was give me jet lag - that, and a very beautiful American wife.

In the meantime, I have produced a succession of books for readers both young and old. The majority of these books are now available through Amazon worldwide. 

My latest book is called "IT - Exodus Earth" and it has been in the pipe for some time while I prepare the ground for a possible film based on the story. But, more about that as I reveal more of the story each month.  We generally write something  every day. I have had people actually tell me that they would love to look inside my head. I can assure you now, it's probably safer if you don't.