IT - Exodus Earth

"This is perhaps the biggest step that mankind has ever undertaken. To step off the planet for the very last time and embark on a mission to go in search for a planet that can sustain life, human life, such that the human race can survive. We need to understand that we cannot go on killing one another. We each have a right to life.

If we are to continue to live together in harmony as one species, then we must rid ourselves of the notion that religion, color, and race are who we are. That notion is a manmade idea and we will never again let it drive us apart. We are a species on the edge of extinction. We cannot afford to think otherwise. We are one species working together to find a new home."

Cdr Louise WEBBER Celestial Mariner 1

There was a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. They were here for billions of years until nature decided otherwise. This was not a so-called Act of God. There are no Gods, only those imagined by man. Instead the Chixalub asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs was one sent to Earth by the canon effect of other, smaller, meterorites crashing into an asteroid that was between seven and fifty miles in diameter. The next major extinction event will be a coronal mass ejection (CME) that will basically destroy all terrestial satellites, computers, energy grids, cell phones, in fact anything that relies on an external energy source for power. There will be no fresh water pumped to your tap. There will be no deliveries of food to supermarkets. Money, even gold, will be worthless. It may be hard to understand, or even accept as fact, but money will no longer have any meaning. What little people have they will use to barter for food and water. Survival is the key word and if you don't have the means to protect yourself and your family, who will you call when there are no phones and with no one at the other end to hear them if they did ring? Want to know more?